I'm an adventure elopement photographer based in New Hampshire serving all of New England and beyond! I love the outdoors and enjoy exploring with my dog, Ace. I feel the most at peace when I'm taking in the quiet sounds of the forest or the beautiful mountain views.


Things I value...

  • Intention over tradition
  • Adventure over perfection
  • Intimacy over giant guest lists of people you hardly know
  • Emotion over elaborate productions
  • Vulnerability over inauthenticity
  • Connection over expectations

New Hampshire White Mountains Elopement Wedding Photographer Franconia Notch Lincoln North Conway Cathedral Ledge

“Less about what your love looks like and more about what your love feels like.”

A little more about me...

I'm Amber! I was born and raised in New England! I enjoy spending time outside hiking, kayaking, fishing, and just adventuring with my dog, Ace.

I've had a passion for photography since I was about 10 years old. I love being able to create lasting memories for myself and others through photos. I'm an introvert at heart - an observer. I prefer to stand back and take in what's going on around me and appreciate each person in the room for who they truly are. I think this translates really well to my photography. I see the big picture and recognize the small, unnoticed moments that often mean the most.